Dolls are nothing without Delilah Noir

Published: 18th March 2010
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The Ashton-Drake Delilah Noir fashion and design team deal with a set of intriguing questions from DOLLS Magazine. The group try to provide some definite answers about this versatile fashion doll that prove that blondes don't have all the fun and excitement. The best thing about Delilah Noir is it represents the diversity of characters in every one of us. In fact, Delilah originated from a very charming and mysterious young woman. However, there is very little information about Delilah as this girl finds liberty for being unpopular and sharing her true identity would destroy that freedom.

Delilah dolls stands 16 inches tall, with two modifiable and elegantly fashioned outfits and two different styles of hairpieces. You can also make over your doll into a whole new different persona whatever your mood tells you. Delilah Noir dolls are dressed with stylish clothes made from luxurious fabrics, trims and buttons. They also have customized jewelry and bling to capture a unique style from head to toe.

The Delilah Noir doll collection currently offers six fabulous fashion styles from gothic, to school girl, to dark and cheeky, as well as holiday outfits. You can style your doll in every way you want with its wide array of dresses, accessories and hairpieces.

Delilah Noir dolls are highly valuable and you can actually sell them for a relatively fair amount. Your collection could also be a good source of income once it has already reached the antique stage. You might ask why, but if you really are a doll collector you will know exactly what I mean.

If truth be told, the Delilah Noir doll collection is currently voted as Reader Magazine's Doll of the Year for 2009 and considered as the most ground-breaking ball-jointed dolls on the market today. Delilah Noir is exclusively hand painted and perfectly sculpted in lifelike vinyl for an extraordinary authenticity which is perfect for the present day little girls and kids who have a thing about dress-up fashion dolls for fun.

All the dolls have new articulation at the bust, waist, hips and elbows. The articulation at the bust allows your Delilah Noir doll bend her upper body. Presently, Ashton-Drake Galleries have six Delilah collections available on the market. And listed below are different Delilah sets to choose from:

1. Mannequin Delilah
2. Once Bitten, Twice Shy Delilah
3. Delilah Debut
4. Dark & Defiant Delilah
5. Delilah Red Velvet
6. Top That Delilah

Each Delilah set comes with four to six items including the beautifully sculpted 16" vinyl ball-jointed doll, chic and well put together outfits, pair of eyes, wigs and accessories. Some sets have two sets of feet to accommodate both flat and heeled shoes. The Once Bitten, Twice Shy Delilah is a very offer as your first ever Delilah as it has two sets of outfits, two pairs of eyes and two wigs. You can also buy another set of doll clothes through online doll shops.

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